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Hangzhou Qiantang New Area

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The Qiantang New Area (or Qiantang New District - QND) was created by the Zhejiang Provincial Government in early 2019. It is located on the Qiantang river, in the eastern part of Hangzhou. The name “Qiantang” refers to the historic name of “Hangzhou”.
The QND comprises the original Hangzhou Dajiangdong Industrial Cluster and the Hangzhou Economic and Technological Development Area (HEDA or Xiasha, see more information below). The main goal was to implement an integrated innovation and development zone for the digital economy and intelligent manufacturing.
The new area covers a total area of 531.7 square kilometers, including the largest higher education park in the Zhejiang Province.

With the implementation of the Qiantang New Area, a new research institute was launched, the Advanced Technology Research Institute. The institute was developed in cooperation with the Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology of the Chinese Academy of Science.

Detailed Information about QND:

  • 2019
  • 531.7 km2
  • Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport 20 - 50 km
  • G320 20 - 50 km
  • Ningbo Port 100 - 200 km

  • The QND focuses on semiconductor, healthcare, intelligent vehicle equipment, aerospace and new materials, with major domestic and international enterprises. Prominent examples are Changan Ford Hangzhou, Panasonic, Toshiba, Merck and Pfizer, Ferrero Food (Hangzhou), the Hangzhou Wahaha Group, and Gree Electric Appliances.


HEDA - Hangzhou Economic & Technological Development Area


The Hangzhou Economic and Technological Development Area was established in 1993 as a national development zone. HEDA is located in the eastern Zhejiang Province and is only one and a half hours' drive from the cities of Shanghai, Suzhou, and Ningbo.

Hangzhou ETDZ contains the Singapore-Hangzhou Science and Technological Park, a logistics park, a high-tech incubator and industrial innovation Park as well as a biomedical park.

The zone’s major industries are information technology, machinery, food and beverages and pharmaceuticals. Major investors in the IT sector include IBM, Motorola, and LG.

Detailed Information about HEDA:

  • 1993
  • 25 - 50 km2
  • Yindu Building Xiasha Town, 310002

  • Biotechnology/Pharmaceuticals, Computer Software, Food/Beverage Processing, Instruments & Industrial Equipment Production, Telecommunications Equipment

  • New Energy, New Materials


Important QND Universities

The Hangzhou Qiantang New Area comprises over 20 universities and innovative research institutes. About 14 universities with a total of about 250.000 students are located in the HEDA district.

The major universities and colleges are:


Important HEDA Companies

There are approximately 600 renowned domestic and multinational enterprises in the Heda district.
Many of these companies offer students the opportunity to carry out study projects and theses (Bachelor's or Master's degree).