ACE - Academic Clearing-House of Excellence

ACE – the Academic Clearing-House of Excellence has been developed in an international cooperative effort with the goal to offer a global knowledge base covering new and innovative educational programmes.

ACE allows the definition and dissemination of new study and research projects and opens new opportunities for collaborative degree and research activities.
The continuing development of ACE will lead to the possibility of defining new collaborative study programmes, allowing students to select the portfolio of courses from a predefined and extensible global pool, maintained by different international institutions

What is ACE?

ACE - the "Academic Clearing-House of Excellence" presents a new model and web portal to help promote international collaboration and global research, through innovative master and doctoral degree programmes.

A clearinghouse typically constitutes a dedicated data base, providing specialized services for collecting and processing incoming data on one side and disseminating outgoing information as required on the other side. These input and output processes are controlled by a set of classification parameters, keywords and descriptors. The development of the Internet and the globalization process have opened new opportunities and challenges for the traditional clearinghouse, considering the extended ways to acquire data and distribute information either using manually controlled processes or completely automated systems.

ACE is following the design of these legacy systems. Authorized and accredited users can input data describing new research projects, study programmes, cooperation and exchange activities, funding opportunities, etc. Although automatic data mining systems could be implemented this is not planned in the initial development and implementation phase of ACE. Instead a semiautomatic approach was chosen, allowing the international coordinators to supervise and filter the data definition and entry process.?