Baltic Sea Open University - BSOU

BSOU - Vision Statement

  • The Baltic Sea Network (BSN) is a group of higher education institutions, regional development organisations and other organisations within the Baltic Sea area, which is considered our common home. The purpose of the network is to develop the Baltic Sea area in accordance with EU policy.

  • It is a mutual initiative of the BSN to establish the Baltic Sea Open University (BSOU).

  • The unprecedented historic events in Europe over the past few years have resulted in the normalization of contacts between the various countries situated around the Baltic Sea. Against the background of these events the BSN sees a demand for an institutional framework for cooperation to create a new multilateral configuration in education and research which focuses on the BSR. The BSOU is seen as a means to foster education and research in the BSR and to improve the competitiveness of this region.

  • We shall impart existing knowledge to students in the BSR and we will create and share new knowledge. Our teaching and research priorities are in the fields of business, information and computer technology, welfare, intercultural communication and agriculture. It is intended to implement a number of joint master degrees to be awarded by the participating BSN partner institutions.

  • We are committed to creating an environment that promotes education and understanding through
    • providing a forum for dialogue, interaction and collaboration among students, faculty, alumni and businesses in the region,
    • providing high quality international academic standards and
    • enhancing students international learning experience through orientation, preparation and support while affiliated with the BSOU.

  • Through its institutional partnerships, the BSOU will enhance the context and content of learning by exposing students and faculty to the challenges of diverse intellectual traditions, other approaches to knowledge, and different cultural assumptions.

  • Our working language will be English.

BSOU-related Publications: